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18 " Suburban Griddle Storage Box

18 " Suburban Griddle Storage Box

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In addition to its sleek and elegant design, the Suburban Elite 18" Griddle Storage Box is perfect for storing your griddle in your RV or travel trailer. Designed to work without having to remove the fuel nob, grease trap and rubber feet, making it a convenient solution for keeping your griddle safe and organized while on the go. With its sturdy construction and reliable design, this storage box is sure to protect your griddle from damage and wear and tear, ensuring that it is ready to use whenever you need it. Built with premium Weyerhaeuser MDF and Varathane Spar Urethane. If you're planning a long road trip or a weekend getaway, this griddle storage box is a must-have for any RV or travel trailer owner. Order yours today and make your outdoor cooking setup even more convenient and organized.

I was tired of trying to put the griddle back in the cardboard and styrofoam box it came in and decided to build a storage box. I built one for myself and decided to offer one for sale if anyone else wanted one.

This is specifically designed for the Suburban 18" Elite Series Griddle. Please contact us before purchasing for other griddles.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
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